Alan Quinn (Shebeen)

Lead singer of the legendary Rebel band, Shebeen.

Alan Quinn fields your questions on Thursday,

 December 23rd 2010

                                                  Gary Óg

Rebel singer Gary Óg,

took the chair for November,

11th November 2010

                                              Paul Heaton

Paul Heaton of the Housemartins and Beautiful South,

sat in 'The Green Room' for the March interview,

 26th March 2010

                                    Paddy Hill & John McManus 

 The very first interview took place in

The Green Room on Wednesday 3rd February '10.

 PADDY HILL (Birmingham 6)


Both work with the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation (MOJO)

 The interview can be seen on our forum by registered

Talfanzine forum members.

Many thanks to Paddy and John for taking part.

                                How 'The Green Room' works?


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All interviewees should obviously be treated with the greatest respect, whether or not folk here agree with all that they do or say... It's a basic requirement of The Green Room , if it's going to work, that members treat our guests with politeness and respect.

Three days before an interview, we will stop processing new members until after the interview.... so for example, this weekend (Sunday) will be the last day that new members can join TAL until after the interview with Paddy, Gerry and John... if you have friends who would be interested in next Wednesday's Green Room event then they must join TAL by Sunday evening or miss out on live participation on Wednesday.

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