TAL FANZINE - Issue 45 (with free LTPS CD)

TAL FANZINE Issue 45 is now available  for advance order online.

Please note that the fanzine and CD will be posted out week beginning 12th August, but we are accepting advance orders now.

Be sure not to miss out on this issue of TAL with an 18-track Let The People Sing CD

TRACK LIST : God Save Ireland - Derek Warfield; Foggy Dew - Tullamore Tree; Scotland's Shame - Blarney Pilgrims; James Connolly - Gary Og; Boys of the Old Brigade - The Bog Savages; Protestant Men - Padraig Mor; Wearing of the Green - The Wakes; Come Out Ye Black & Tans - Mike Fox; Ballad of Billy Reid - Clan Carney; The Legend - Terry O'Neill; Aidan McAnespie - Shebeen; Sean South - Claymore; Lullaby To Heaven - Damien Quinn; Roll of Honour - Irish Brigade; Escapes To Freedom - Spirit of Freedom; Like Running Up Hill - Declan McLaughlin; Mise Eire - Seanchai & The Unity Squad; Let The People Sing - Padgraig Mor

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