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Posted by talfanzine on April 13, 2009 at 11:12 AM

TAL Forum knocked out by 'suspect device'

It may have come to the notice of our members and supporters that the TAL Forum, as it was, has mysteriously and overnight disappeared (last Thursday in the early hours of the morning). The first reaction, as always, is one of extreme paranoia... have we been hit by a new virus; have some enterprising (but malicious) Scotland's Shame fans managed to hack into our forums to destroy  the database and put us offline forever?

The answer of course is something much simpler although the implications are much more complex. Our forums were housed on a separate server by a company based in Singapore. It appears that the company, unknown to us at TAL, has been undergoing both financial and manpower problems in the last few months, due to the pressures placed upon them by the economic collapse and financial meltdown in many countries, including the once thriving economies of the Far East.

That it is only our forums that have been affected by the meltdown is perhaps a lucky break for us rather than a disaster...  In Britland and Ireland, despite the obvious disadvantages caused by the world economic crisis, we are, in a relative sense, better prepared to absorb such hardships. One thing that was learned by working class people during the Thatcher years was survival in the most oppressive and economically difficult times.

Looking around the internet and seeing the hardships endured by working class people in other countries - especially in those countries of the former Soviet bloc, whose economies have been pilaged and robbed by a combination of laissez-faire western capitalists and their own home-produced corrupt 'oligarchs' - we can truly be thankful that the worst that we have had to endure at TAL is the loss of our forums.

In the meantime, we have set up a new forum, which is integrated into our website.

Click on FORUMS at the top of this page and join us in debate and discussion.



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